The Evans Family Attic Renovation

The Evans Family Attic Renovation

“We got our first call for a 1-year old little boy, who is now our Noah, in 2016. And since then we have added a total of 5 new children (all from foster care) to our already 3 biological children,” said Jesse Evans (Dad).  

The Evans Family is special. So, too, is their home; it has history, charm, and not quite enough space for the growing brood. The history of the home belongs to Jesse’s grandfather. “He flipped houses for a living, and I would work for him during the summers as a kid. Our house was the last one that we worked on before he passed away from cancer.”

So, selling the long-time family property and upsizing was not an option. Enter Dot’s Tots Foundation! With the help of AM Interior Wood Designs ( and in partnership with Movement Church (, Dot’s Tots Foundation was able to provide $19,000+ in materials and in-kind labor donations to renovate the old attic to sleeping space for the young children. Now the Evans have plenty of space to keep up with their beautiful family.

“Kids in foster care have had a rough past,” Jesse notes. “We hope to give them a bright future and thanks to Dots Tots, that just got a whole lot easier.”

It is hearts like Jesse and Charity that inspire us to do what we do. We are thankful for you, Evans Family.

To date, Dot’s Tots Foundation has provided $275,985 to Central Ohio youth in need.

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