April 12, 2018

Jackson’s Story

Jackson’s Story

May 25, 2012, will be forever etched into their minds. “We noticed subtle things about Jackson’s physical development—enlarged calves, didn’t walk until almost two years old, waddled when he ran—but individually, these things didn’t cause us much concern,” said Kelly, Mom to Jack. “We just chalked them up to late physical development.” It was something much more serious. The diagnosis: Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Jackson stopped walking at the age of 10, and uses a power wheelchair full time. He continues to lose arm strength and is constantly in a state of adjustment and acceptance. But, Jack is not a diagnosis. Jack is a son, a best friend, a brother, a cousin. All the things that make Jack unique—his crazy sense of humor, his overly-sensitive aversion to whispering, his ability to always know just when you need a hug—those things remain untouched by Duchenne.

Jack’s fandom for the Cleveland Cavaliers also remains untouched. On April 5, 2018, Dot’s Tots Foundation in partnership with The Ride and Flyer’s Pizza fed, transported, and treated Jack and his family to a courtside experience to the Cavs / Wizards game at Quicken Loans Arena. “Jackson is a HUGE Cleveland Cavaliers fan. He never misses a game on TV, and his bedroom is like a Cavs shrine. So imagine when our friend, Bobby Wright, surprised him and our whole family with a trip to watch the Cavs play in person, which Jack is always asking to do,” Kelly shares. “Jackson sat courtside during warmups with his big brother, and John Wall actually came over to him, fist bumped him, and offered to take a picture with Jackson! The Cavs played one heck of a game, and pulled out a win. I don’t think Jackson has screamed so much in his life.”

Thanks to the support of all Dot’s Tots Foundation donors and sponsors, Jackson enjoyed a night he will not soon forget!

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