Bravery And Boldness – Blake’s Road To Recovery

Bravery And Boldness – Blake’s Road To Recovery

That September morning started like any other for Blake, a senior at Hilliard Darby High School. But, the day ended much differently than most.

Upon arriving at school, the Hilliard School Resource Officer, Jon, noticed Blake wasn’t looking himself. Jon encouraged Blake visit the school nurse. Within days, that fateful encounter with a concerned safety officer led to Blake’s leukemia diagnosis at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Dot’s Tots Foundation, a Hilliard, Ohio based 501(c)3 charity learned of Blake’s story through local news, but his story would travel across the country. Blake could not attend homecoming as he began his chemotherapy treatments, so friends brought homecoming to him. That evening’s celebration went viral as seen in this Inside Edition montage.

On September 30th at its annual Restaurant Tour and Tasting event, Dot’s Tots volunteers and donors amassed $5,000 in funds to help support the Mounts family. Blake has a tough road ahead, but our prayers and finances might make the road to recovery a bit less cumbersome.

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